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BANAT AGRI GROUP brings together a group of companies with an agricultural profile, established in the early 2000s, operating in two counties in the west of the country, Timiș and Caraş-Severin, having as fields of activity vegetable production, livestock production, storage and marketing of agricultural products and their processing.


The main fields in which we operate are: livestock production, plant production, feed production, compound feed production, storage, conditioning and processing of plant production, seed processing, as well as ensuring transport for them.

The activity of the group of companies aims to ensure a quality at European standard, wanting to bring our products both on the national and international market together with other business partners. The entire activity of production and marketing of cereals is carried out in its own premises and spaces.
Our main crops are wheat, rapeseed and sunflower (predominantly with high oleic content). In addition to these crops, the producer group also cultivated rye, barley, triticum spelta, spelt and soybeans.
The production is stored in our locations in Berzovia and Grădinari, locations that currently have a total storage capacity of 30,000 tons. A further extension is planned in the future. Both warehouses have the possibility to deliver the products by road or rail, partly using their own truck fleet. Most of our fields are only an hour away from the port of Moldova Nouă, and it is sometimes used by us for transporting grain on the Danube, to neighboring countries, even to Austria.
Our herd of high-performance dairy cows consists of 550 Simmental heads, with the same number of heifers for breeding and sale to other farmers.
The herd of beef cows consists of purebred limousine cows, as well as half-breeds, of about 500 heads.
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